Six Urban Superheroes:

Sophie (F, 23, lime-green lycra suit with multi-tiered head-dress resembling the papal coronet, AKA Miss Macadam) can read the secret meanings contained in the tarmac.

Charles (M, 36, beige leather overalls, large strap-on yellow goggles and matching overprints, AKA The Amazing Human X-Ray) can see through external walls. He has distant memories of facades from a golden time, before puberty, when his powers had not yet developed. Charles associates windows, columns, the classical orders (particularly the doric), architraves and all sorts of exterior ornament with feelings of safety and wellbeing and the love of his mother.

Suzi (F, 17, sienna leotard, sooty stockings, AKA Chimney Lass) – not only does she never ever get lost, she will be able to direct you to the nearest pub, green-grocers or artisanal bakery.

June (F, 54, tangerine cotton onesie, AKA Tabitha) can turn into a cat. Every morning and early evening she assumes feline form and visits her neighbours (three doors down) who give her boiled ham. She is gluten intolerant.

Boris, (M, 31, Indigo slacks and vest, AKA The Buster) like the beavers in bestiaries, bears the valuable cure to several previously incurable diseases in his testicles. Nefarious drug companies and trillionaire sufferers of the the disease have made attempts on Boris’ life. A recurring discussion he has with his loyal man-servant Wilfred, is how obliged is he to remove his precious glands for the good of humanity.

Celia (F, 44, shebert skin-tight latex pinafore, AKA Electric Gal) can travel very, very quickly through electric, water and gas lines. Though she uses her power to get to the bathroom for nocturnal visits, she does not use it much on other occasions. It is not very useful when shopping. She says: ‘I work from home, so I suppose I’m not making the most of my special abilities. When I go out, I really would rather just enjoy the walk’